Impact Training Corporation

Steve Jensen (Dr J) is the founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation, specializing in teaching people cutting-edge sales, communications, leadership and public speaking skills. Steve has been involved in and building fitness businesses for over three decades and is regarded as a world leader in sales and communication training, mentoring and implementation strategies and has helped to positively influence people’s lives and their business profits. Steve is also the founder of the National Sales Academy & My Mentor Coach, and recently The Sales Authority Club & Podcasts which has helped boost the profits of thousands of people, fitness businesses and companies in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Steve was voted the best presenter in sales, sales management & communication in 5 countries over the years & was one of the guest speakers at the coveted Speakers Master Class Event for the National Speakers Association. Steve was awarded Presenter of the Year at the Australian Filex Convention & has presented regularly at many Global Summits and conventions to name a few and teaches people how to plan & deliver memorable presentations. 

Steve was recognised by AusAtive for his service to that Industry by being given The Honour Roll Award for his training in sales & communications skills as well as for his innovation & revolutionising of the sales processes & techniques globally for over 2 decades and has now been inducted into the Hall of Fame & put on the AusAtive Honour Roll.

Steve was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Australian Network. The Life Time Achievement Award is made only to Professionals who have dedicated their lives to working in the industry & making a difference to the people who work in sales & management. Steve was recognised for his contribution to sales & communication and to businesses in general.

Setting new trends in training and evolutionary ways to ensure people know that the art of selling has changed and in an ever-changing marketplace, he has developed ways that teach you how to inspire people to buy. He says, “Gone are the days of pushy hard closing selling” and Businesses must evolve if they want to maximise every opportunity. Steve also says “Selling and Customer Care skills can be learnt and when implemented correctly, will increase sales dramatically”. When a salesperson has learnt skills that are easy to use they are excited to use them. You really only have one chance to close the sale – Make The Most Of It.