Director of Operations and Product
JHM Fitness & FIT4MOM

Jessica H. Maurer serves as the Director of Operations & Product at FIT4MOM, where her role is pivotal in providing comprehensive support and resources to franchisees and instructors across the nation. Jessica curates and develops innovative learning experiences that benefit the entire FIT4MOM community, including digital format certifications, educational courses on leadership and entrepreneurship, and consumer-centric brand awareness content.

Beyond her work at FIT4MOM, Jessica is a highly regarded fitness business consultant and strategist with a global footprint. She has shared her expertise internationally, presenting and consulting for numerous brands. Her unwavering passion lies in empowering fitness professionals and businesses to reach their fullest potential through a multifaceted approach that includes education, program and instructor development, and the creation and promotion of brand awareness.

Jessica's contributions to the fitness industry have been far-reaching. She has conducted certifications and workshops on an international stage, including prominent events such as IDEA World, SCW Mania, canfitpro, AsiaFit, FitnessFest, and more. Furthermore, she continues to offer her valuable consulting services to locally owned businesses and fitness professionals, impacting the industry's growth and development.