Jaime Rios is the CEO of BodyLogicMD, a national network of hormone replacement, weight loss, and integrative medicine practitioners.  Jaime has the unique experience of helping people reach their wellness goals at every stage along their journey.  Jaime also currently serves as the CEO of Physicians Lab Inc, a diagnostic company that specializes in comprehensive hormone testing. For 20 years Jaime served as the President/Owner of APS Pharmacy. APS is a premier compounding pharmacy that supports thousands of hormone therapy and weight loss patients across the nation with customized medication. Jaime has decades of experience leading healthcare organizations with the philosophy of relentless focus on the patient and creating collaborative relationships with strategic partners that support the patient’s outcomes. This philosophy has a proven track record of creating many business successes for strategic partners. He has led healthcare organizations across the wellness spectrum from lab testing, clinical treatment, and medication fulfilment, building many successful partnerships along the way. Jaime, a graduate of the University of South Florida, has a fierce entrepreneurial spirit.  He operates other companies such as Prosoma LLC, eChefMD, and Valeo Cloud Consulting.