Digital Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
HIIT and Flow

De Bolton is a highly qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and award winning writer.  De aims to equip her clients with the tools they need to live free, nourish better, and honor their temple. She is an inspiration to the clients she helps get stronger, to the fitness instructors who she mentors, and to her three beautiful children.

She has almost a decade of experience as a NASM certified personal trainer, and is a HIIT & Flow Master Instructor, co-leading teacher training and continuing education programming for future HIIT & Flow instructors. 

De is known for adding her special “De spice” to all of her workouts—a special blend of challenge and fun that makes her workouts inclusive and accessible for all.  

Through her coaching, writing, and speaking engagements, De has inspired countless people to live healthy and feel strong in the body they are in. And she is continually developing her skills, education, and experience in the fitness industry. 

Along with NASM and HIIT & Flow certification, De is also a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Stretch and Flexibility Coach, Senior Fitness Specialist, SCW Barre Instructor, and certified Wellness Advisor. She is also currently pursuing her GGS Women Strength Coaching Certification.