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KEYNOTE Address by Randy Hetrick, founder of TRX and OutFit Training

Randy Hetrick | Founder, TRX, OutFit

Fireside Chat with ACE: Beyond Exercise Programming: Building Deep Connections Is the Future of Fitness

Lauren Shroyer | Senior Director of Product Development, American Council on Exercise



Data-Driven Fitness: How AI Is Reshaping Personal Training
Ted Vickey | Founder and CEO, FitWell

During this talk, we will delve into the game-changing role of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry. We will explore how AI offers unprecedented customization in workout regimes, streamlines business operations, and provides actionable, data-backed insights for trainers starting at a beginner's level. By embracing AI, personal trainers not only elevate the quality of their service but also secure a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Ted Vickey is a visionary leader, renowned for his expertise in the fitness industry and groundbreaking research in the intersection of Twitter, Physical Activity, and Mobile Phones. As one of the pioneers to hold a Ph.D. in this unique field, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and inspiring the fitness industry to embrace entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology.

With his impressive track record, Ted has successfully developed and implemented impactful health and fitness initiatives for esteemed entities such as the White House, Department of Commerce, Securities and Exchange Commission, Fruit of the Loom, and Sylvania. His strategic guidance has propelled government agencies and Fortune 500 brands to achieve remarkable results.

In recognition of his extensive knowledge and experience, Ted was selected as the fitness technology expert witness for Meta during their high-profile case against the US Federal Government in 2022. His testimony and insights proved invaluable in navigating the complex landscape of technology and the fitness industry.

With his finger on the pulse of the industry, Ted is often hailed as "the most connected man in fitness." His vast network, spanning influential individuals and organizations, allows him to foster powerful collaborations and drive meaningful change.

As a branding expert, Dr. Ted Vickey offers unrivaled expertise, empowering individuals and companies to navigate the evolving landscape of fitness and technology. With his visionary outlook and entrepreneurial spirit, Ted is committed to shaping the future of the industry and driving transformative outcomes for all.

Mastering the #1 Method for Acquiring New Clients
Billy Polson | Founder/Owner, DIAKADI Fitness

In this course, you will learn to build automated systems that seamlessly gather new and compelling social proof from your current clients. You will also delve into the most effective methods for sharing these captivating success stories throughout your digital marketing methods (websites, social media, social proof websites). (For trainers and studio owners of all levels.)

Presenter Bio

Billy Polson (CSCS), named 'America's Best 100 Trainers’ by Men's Journal magazine, is a three-time fitness entrepreneur, an international presenter, and a business consultant for pioneering trainers and boutique gym owners worldwide.

Billy graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BS in Statistics in 1992. Then, in 2004, looking to build an unparalleled training facility and a community of San Francisco’s leading fitness specialists, Billy founded DIAKADI Fitness, awarded the Bay Area’s ‘Top Trainers/Gym’ for 14 years.

His fitness entrepreneur consulting company, The Business Movement, has assisted thousands of fitness business owners with developing the confidence and momentum for achieving their ultimate brands and business success.  

Building Genuine Community in the Virtual Training Space
Maurice Williams | Owner, Move Well Fitness

In this session, we explore ways in which fitness professionals should engage their virtual clients to build community. Building community brings about a sustainable business which we all want so that we can continue to help people live long lives! Intended audience is beginner to intermediate

Presenter Bio

Maurice has a BS in Exercise Science, an MS in Exercise Physiology, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Behavioral Health with nine years of teaching formal fitness education and 25 years of experience in fitness overall. Maurice is a full-time assistant professor of Health and Human Performance at Freed Hardeman University.

In addition, he owns Move Well Fitness, a virtual fitness studio that specializes in 30 min sessions, and Move Well Fit Academy; a fitness education company focused on helping people pass their NASM-CPT exam. He is married to his beautiful wife LaTeisha and together they have four awesome kids that they homeschool. In his free time, he loves to play and watch sports, go out to eat with LaTeisha, and spend quality time with his children. They reside in Henderson, TN.

NASM-Master Instructor, Master Trainer, CPT, CES, PES, CNC, SFS, WLS, GPTS, GFS, YES & FNS; NSCA-CSCS; BTS1; Pn1; MedFit Classroom Multiple Sclerosis FitnessSpecialist

5 Connection Points That Are Not Social Media
Jessica Maurer | Director of Operations and Product, JHM Fitness & FIT4MOM

Explore the power of media, dive into how to create partnerships, and practice speaking to potential customers with direct communications. Never fear a social media outage again.

Presenter Bio

Jessica H. Maurer serves as the Director of Operations & Product at FIT4MOM, where her role is pivotal in providing comprehensive support and resources to franchisees and instructors across the nation. Jessica curates and develops innovative learning experiences that benefit the entire FIT4MOM community, including digital format certifications, educational courses on leadership and entrepreneurship, and consumer-centric brand awareness content.

Beyond her work at FIT4MOM, Jessica is a highly regarded fitness business consultant and strategist with a global footprint. She has shared her expertise internationally, presenting and consulting for numerous brands. Her unwavering passion lies in empowering fitness professionals and businesses to reach their fullest potential through a multifaceted approach that includes education, program and instructor development, and the creation and promotion of brand awareness.

Jessica's contributions to the fitness industry have been far-reaching. She has conducted certifications and workshops on an international stage, including prominent events such as IDEA World, SCW Mania, canfitpro, AsiaFit, FitnessFest, and more. Furthermore, she continues to offer her valuable consulting services to locally owned businesses and fitness professionals, impacting the industry's growth and development.



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